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Jack van Oss

Jack always had a passion for horses. But this hobby has developed itself in a next stadium. When he and his family moved to ‘t Woatsler of nowadays, Jack saw possibilities in this place, and saw his chance to turn his long and cherished dream into reality. He build this accommodation with his heart and his soul. You can see that directly when you are at this professional location.


Dimphy van Oss

Dimphy started in the equestrian sport when she was very young. When she was 11 years old she participated at competitions for the Junior leagues. Nowadays she is a humane physiotherapist and wants to become a horse physiotherapist. During her study she didn't participate in the dressage sport so she could focus herself on her study. But after she finished her study she started again!


Rebecca Boeijen

Rebecca came in contact with the family van Oss where she developed her hobby. She started with the pony Rainbow, she accomplished many achievements with her including the Brabants and the Dutch championship first place in the class of C-Z1 and C-Z2.
She is active at ‘t Woatsler since founding, in the field of training horses in the dressage sport. She always does her work with a lots of fun.


Lianne van Iperen

Lianne is twenty years old and is from Berghem. Because of her grandfather she is riding horses when she was a little girl. When she was three years old she had her first pony and when she turned sixteen she began to ride horses. When she finished her school she came in contact with 't Woatsler Horses and bought her horse Helon. She currently is riding competitions with Helon and with her other horse Ed in the class Z. She was asked by us to ride young horses. She is doing this with a lot of love.



Date of birth:
Gender: Stallion
Height: -
Color: Black
Register: KWPN
Level: -
Predicate: PROK
Family tree: Johnson x Ferro xDonnerhall


Geboortedatum: 13-05-2003
Geslacht: Ruin
Stokmaat: 1,69 m
Kleur: Donkerbruin
Stamboek: KWPN
Niveau: Grand-prix
Predikaat: PROK
Stamboom: Ferro x Ducthboy x Wisconsin


gadget(8)Geboortedatum: 17-05-2011
Geslacht: Hengst
Stokmaat: 1,75 m
Kleur: Donkere vos
Stamboek: KWPN
Niveau: Zadelmak
Predikaat: aangewezen Hengst, PROK
Stamboom: Apache x Uphill x Rubiquil

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